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Core Values

Our relationships with our family, co-workers and industry partners
The success of our employees
SQP – Safety, Quality and Productivity

Our relationships with our family, co-workers and industry partners

Tierramar is made up of people who have many years of vineyard experience.
As we serve the wine industry we want to strengthen existing and create new relationships within the industry and our community.
We collaborate with both vineyard owners and winemakers to custom farm each individual vineyard. Tierramar tailors its’ management practices to help meet both the goals and expectations of each grower.

We are members of the Santa Barbara County Vintner’s Association and the Vineyard Team. SBCVA continues to be the leader in promoting the Santa Barbara County wine industry. The Vineyard Team is a leader in bringing growers together and sharing new innovations within the industry. Tierramar continues to support and value the role these associations play within the industry.

The success of our employees

We recognize and value our employee’s commitment to Tierramar and acknowledge that their contributions are key to our success. Many of our employees have years of experience doing vineyard field work. They bring with them their pride of their experience, quality of their work and ownership of knowing vineyard tasks and understanding of vineyard farming needs.

Tierramar recognizes and values this past experience and the skills they bring with them. We become familiar with our employees and each person’s set of skills. Field Crew members are encouraged to return to Tierramar on an annual basis. It is our hope and goal that full time employees (tractor drivers, irrigators) have long term careers with us.
Tierramar supports and encourages each of our employees. Some examples of this are: recognizing and accommodating family needs, career growth within the company, encouraging continuing education and recognition for accomplishments and excellence in work performance.

For our employees to be successful they need to be happy in both their work and personal lives. We strive to help our employees keep a work/life balance.

SQP = Safety, Quality, Productivity

We practice SQP, Safety, Quality and Productivity.
With all of our employee’s teamwork we can meet our goal of having both Tierramar and our customers be successful. We have high expectations of our employees to always work safely and productively. With a focus on quality the vineyards we farm are always maintained at the highest level.
With a daily focus on SQP we will ensure our sustainability as well as our customers.



Tierramar Vineyard Management Launches in Santa Barbara County
With Support of Local Farmers

Santa Barbara, CA – Jim McGarry, who for years successfully managed vineyards in Santa Barbara, Sonoma and Monterey Counties, has established Tierramar Vineyard Management, which will serve vineyards throughout the diverse Santa Barbara County winegrowing region.

Jim was born and raised in the Santa Maria Valley, one of Santa Barbara’s various sub-appellations. He has been working closely with elite vineyards where winemakers such as Ken Brown of Ken Brown Wines source fruit. “I have worked with many vineyard managers over the years and without question, Jim McGarry stands out as one of the very best. There is a fine balance that is required to be an outstanding vineyard manager since you find yourself needing to balance the interests and financial considerations of the vineyard owner along with the interest of the winemaker who wants to make an exceptional wine,” says Brown.

He adds, “The objectives of the vineyard owner and the winemaker can often be at odds with each other but the best vineyard managers know how to strike the right balance between owner and winemaker to make both feel that they have achieved their objectives. Jim possesses outstanding knowledge of both vineyard operations and understands what is needed to make top quality wines. The ultimate test of a good vineyard manager is to know where costs can be cut without sacrificing the ultimate wine quality. Jim has demonstrated this ability exceptionally well and he does it in a very professional manner.”

Establishing a vineyard management company requires resources and access to equipment and labor. In establishing Tierramar, McGarry received support in the form of three local investors, including celebrated winegrowers, Ben Merz, Ruben Solarzano, and McGarry’s brother-in-law, Mike Testa.  “Jim brings invaluable experience from the best growing climates along the coast of California.  He has succeeded in tailoring his services to large and small clients alike.  I am certain Tierramar will do everything in its power to help elevate the perception of wines here on the Central Coast, and more specifically, in Santa Barbara wine country," says Testa.

Merz adds, “So many of us who came up in the wine business have stories about people who believed in us and gave us unique opportunities along the way. This was the case for Ruben and myself as Jeff Newton gave us these opportunities within Coastal Vineyard Care. Now it’s our time to pay it forward; the three of us believe enough in Jim’s talents to invest in his company, and it gives us a unique opportunity to support the efforts of another farmer.”

McGarry will consult and manage vineyards in the county’s various appellations of Santa Barbara County. His company will practice sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming methods, according to the individual needs of clients.

To learn more about Tierramar Vineyard Management, please visit www.tierramarvm.com.