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Carhartt Vineyard, Los Olivos
Cinque Stelle Winery, Los Olivos
Colson Canyon Vineyard, Santa Maria
Hill Top Ranch LLC, Lompoc
Hines Family Vineyards, Lompoc
Huber Vineyard, Lompoc
Lieff Alamo Creek Ranch , Santa Maria
Pali Wine Co., Lompoc
Pegasus Estate Wines, Solvang
Quinta Santa Rosa, Lompoc
Salt Jungle, Goleta
Sky's the Limit Vineyard, Santa Ynez
Wenzlau Vineyards, Lompoc


Industry Organizations

California Ag Leadership
Santa Barbara Vintners
SIP Certified
Vineyard Team


Ken Brown of Ken Brown Wines
“I have worked with many vineyard managers over the years and without question, Jim McGarry stands out as one of the very best. There is a fine balance that is required to be an outstanding vineyard manager since you find yourself needing to balance the interests and financial considerations of the vineyard owner along with the interest of the winemaker who wants to make an exceptional wine.
The objectives of the vineyard owner and the winemaker can often be at odds with each other but the best vineyard managers know how to strike the right balance between owner and winemaker to make both feel that they have achieved their objectives. Jim possesses outstanding knowledge of both vineyard operations and understands what is needed to make top quality wines. The ultimate test of a good vineyard manager is to know where costs can be cut without sacrificing the ultimate wine quality. Jim has demonstrated this ability exceptionally well and he does it in a very professional manner.”